FLETO is a comprehensive fleet management solution that is designed to help businesses efficiently manage their fleet operations, enhance service quality, and increase revenue while reducing costs. With its three-tiered service model, FLETO provides an admin panel for fleet management, a taxi user app for customers to book taxis, and a driver app for drivers to accept bookings made through the app.

The FLETO admin panel is the central hub that allows fleet managers to effectively manage their entire fleet operations.It provides real - time visibility into the fleet, enabling managers to track vehicle locations, monitor driver activities, and optimize routes.The admin panel also facilitates efficient scheduling and dispatching of vehicles, helping businesses minimize downtime and maximize productivity.Additionally, it offers comprehensive reporting and analytics, providing fleet managers with valuable insights to make data - driven decisions and improve overall fleet performance.

The taxi user app is a convenient and user - friendly solution for customers to book taxis from their smartphones.It allows customers to easily request a ride, track the assigned vehicle, and pay for the trip through the app.The app also provides features such as estimated arrival time, driver details, and trip history, ensuring a seamless and transparent experience for customers.

The driver app is specifically designed for drivers to accept and manage bookings made through the taxi user app.It provides drivers with detailed trip information, optimized routes, and navigation assistance, helping them efficiently complete trips and providing a high level of service to customers.The app also enables drivers to easily communicate with dispatchers, accept or reject trip requests, and process payments, making their job more convenient and efficient.

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